I Scream you Scream we all Scream for an Ice Cream Social

Spring has Sprung. Everyone is thinking about getting outside more and enjoying the warm weather.

The WOW! Factor of Atlanta Sno Cones Tenant Appreciation Events

Ice Cream Socials are a great way to say "Thank You". Employees who feel appreciated are more loyal; It's an opportunity for people to socialize and fortify relationships; It's a nice break from the daily grind. Show you care about personal happiness as well as the bottom line.

Our most popular Spring themed Events are Fiesta, Beach, and Luau. But a lot of our clients are foregoing the traditional Ice Cream Social and opting for something a little different. For example, our Cobbler Socials are very in demand, especially for indoor events. Sno Cones are a big hit (and often combined with other fun foods) because they are so refreshing and have a bit of nostalgia to them. If you don't think you have time or space for a social and need more of a Grab-and-Go option, we have a wide selection of frozen novelty treats.

Want to make your event a big success? Here are some tips:

  • Plan ahead! Put up flyers, send out invites, put it on your website or social media. The better your attendance, the more successful it will be.

  • If your company allows, invite the kids! It is a great opportunity to support your employees on a personal level, giving them extra family time, and it is also an opportunity for your employees to show their kids where mommy or daddy goes every day.

  • Add on games and activities. We have a large inventory of in-stock games and activities to enhance the event that will encourage more social interaction and team work.

Call us Today. Let's be the reason someone smiles today!


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