Bite Sized Desserts

Why is it that bite sized desserts are just so much more fun to eat?

Put a fresh spin on your Tenant and Employee Appreciation events by creating a dessert buffet filled with adorable bite-sized treats. Petite portions are ideal for a few reasons: Miniature desserts typically appear more elegant and dainty.

Most guests won't want to eat an entire slice of pie, or an entire slice of cheesecake.

When desserts are offered as bite sized, you can try different options with less guilt, and less waste. I always feel less guilty having just one bite of dessert, Isn’t it amazing how the cuteness of its size makes it taste better? Bite sized means no slicing which means less mess and less waste. A Larger pie serves 8 to 10 depending on how it’s sliced, 8 mini pies serve 8 people. 10 mini pies serve 10 people. We recommend 3 bite sized treats per adult.

What bite sized treats are available?

Mini Cupcakes

The tried and true staple of any sweets table is the cupcake. Everyone loves a cupcake. With a mini version, you can offer multiple flavor varieties. Mini cupcakes are simple to coordinate with your theme, it’s as easy as changing your frosting color or adding colored sprinkles. With mini you can please many palates and have them decorated to match your seasonal or holiday theme or brand colors.

Cake Pops

After Georgia native Angie Dudley began blogging about her cake pops on, Martha Stewart invited her on her show to make them. That was 2008 and the cake pop craze has taken off. Cake pops are simple, oh so delicious, and incredibly cute. Cake pops are another small bite dessert option that is easily adapted to your theme colors. They can be packaged as a grab ‘n go item as well.


Not your Grandmas bundt cake. These are 2 bite delights with that good as Grandma’s homemade taste. They may be small but that means you can try more flavors. For this event we had Red Velvet, Carrot and White Chocolate Raspberry. And you must agree that these are off the chart on the cuteness factor.

Mini Cheesecakes

We have many varieties. Mini cheesecakes can appeal to those who don’t have a super sweet tooth. We find these pair well with our savory table. They hold up well and compliment fresh fruit, vegetable and cheese crudités.

Mini Pies

You know how everyone wants a slice of pecan pie but a lot gets left on the plate because it’s just so sweet and rich? These mini pies are the perfect no-waste solution. One or two of these little bites might be just enough for some guests.

All these small treats make for a great display as they can be tiered more easily. Height to your buffet can impress with less, and you can fit a lot more in a small space. SO if you want an impressive display that offers more variety, has less mess and ties in with any event, Call Today! Let us help you plan a small bite dessert buffet.

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