3 Creative Ways to Host a Safe Event in 2020

Planning an event in 2020 can be a nightmare. Yes, things aren’t as simple as they used to be, but that doesn’t mean the good times are over! You can still host a fun, memorable event by being cautious and creative. Here are three tips you can use to throw a fantastic party for all to safety enjoy.


YYour guest’s health should be a top priority, so make sure you keep things clean! Set up sanitation stations your attendees can use to clean their hands. This will help your guests stay sanitary and feel safe. All you need is a few bottles of hand sanitizer. Grab a few small tables, lovely decorative linen, and set up a sign to let your guests know where they can sanitize their hands. Encourage your guests to wear masks as well. You can even get extra creative with your event and make masks a part of your event theme. For example, a Halloween or masquerade event.


When it comes to catering in 2020, it is best to keep it simple. The goal is to maximize safety, and that means minimizing risks. For one, buffets are not out of the question. Serve up individually prepackaged food items at a buffet and have your guests stand 6 feet apart in line. Provide your guests with individually wrapped snacks like cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, chips, and of course, candy. If you’re providing meals, have each serving individually boxed up. The same goes for beverages as well. Stick with cans and bottles over drink fountains and open cups. Create a fun serving space where guests can grab servings and snacks. Create signs that display menu items and snack options too. Décor adds a little flair and fun as well. Decorate your serving space with atmospheric décor and props to immerse your guest in your event.

Party Games

Last but not least, party games! Everyone loves a good game. It’s a fantastic way to entertain your guests. There is a wide variety of party games you can provide your guests with as well. Games that involve tossing or throwing make social distancing easy. For example, a corn hole is a backyard classic. It’s easy to set up and play! Both players must be standing far apart from one another to play. Party games can be incorporated into an event theme as well. If you’re planning a tailgating event, set up a football toss!

There you have it, three creative ways you can host a fun, safe event! Use these fun ideas to generate a few of your own. After all, every party should have its own personal flair. Are you too busy to plan an event of your own? Wow has you covered? Click here to learn more.

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