What's an event without a theme? At The Wow! Factor of Atlanta, we know that creative props and decor complete an event experience. Whether you're celebrating a holiday or looking to host a creative event with a fun theme, we got you covered. Wow offers a variety of event themes, complete with props, games, decor, equipment, catering, and more. Our themes include but are not limited to:


  • Master's

  • Thanksgiving

  • Fall Festival

  • Holiday

  • Game Day

  • Football

  • March Madness

  • Carnival

  • Hollywood Glam

  • Breakfast 

  • Beach Bash

  • Wild Wild West

  • Farmer's Market 

  • Decades of Fun

  • Circus

  • Safari Adventure

What our clients are saying...

“Awesome job! So great to actually be able to have an event for our employees and enjoy it without having to worry about all of the details. WOW took care of everything from start to finish. Will be doing future events with WOW!”

Tammy S., Employee Appreciation Event

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